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This page is intended to show some of the upgrades I am doing to my Corolla.
I am on a very tight budget so I will try to do as much as I can by myself although I have quite a few friends and relatives who I can get to do the things that I can't!
I will also try to update these pages as things progress in the build.

This is how the car looked when I got it. It is a 1975 model Toyota Corolla KE30. It was pretty straight with a little bit of rust in the usual places.
It had the standard 3K motor with a K50 5 speed gearbox from a KE55. The engine and gearbox were both still in good condition. The 1.2l 3K engines are very reliable but are not the most powerful engine in exsistence. I have heard of people getting some good hp out of them but it is generally an expensive task compared to an engine conversion.
The interior was all still the standard white vinyl although the front seats had seen better days.

I plan to fit a 4AGE engine, 5 speed gearbox from a AE86 sprinter and a diff from a TA22 Celica. There will also be a front brake upgrade using RA40 Celica struts and brakes.
I am going to try to keep a reasonably standard look to the exterior and trim work although I will be changing the front seats to something a little more comfy.

Homepage Bodywork Front brake upgrade Engine Conversion Wiring Diagrams

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