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Front Brake Upgrade

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Here are a few pictures showing my front brake upgrade. I have used complete strut assemblies and lower control arms from an RA40 Celica. These are still solid disks but as can be seen in the pictures, are much bigger diameter and pad size. They are basically a straight bolt in conversion. The Corolla strut top and spring swaps straight over to the Celica strut. The only modification that is required is to swap the lower spring mount from the Corolla strut to the Celica one. It will also require 14" wheels to fit over the brakes. The 14" wheels used in the pictures will be replaced with a set of standard Corona "steelies". These pictures are of the test fit I did. The spring mount swap and final fit will be done after the body has been repaired and painted.

Here are some pictures comparing the KE30 struts to the RA40 ones.

KE30 Setup compared to RA40
RA40 has much bigger disc and caliper

Strut tubes are basically identical in length and diameter

RA40 lower control arm (on top) compared to KE30.
The RA40 steering arm has to be used as there is about 2mm difference
in the spacing of the bolt holes that bolt to the bottom of  the strut.

Side view shows similar angle of stub axle
and length of strut tubes.

Here are some pictures of the RA40 strut fitted to the Corolla.

This is the standard strut in place.

This is the RA40 strut fitted.
As you can tell I need different offset Wheels

RA40 strut and control arm fitted

I still have to swap the lower spring mount for the corolla one
Standard corolla springs are fitted

Plenty of room for different offset wheels.

Homepage Bodywork Front brake upgrade Engine Conversion Wiring Diagrams