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Haverhill Schools Initiative
What the schools say

We asked the schools what they thought about Haverhill Schools Initiative (HSI) having a full-time worker. Here's what they said …

"I am writing in support of your funding proposal …You … have made a discernible impact on many young lives."

"The service you offer is valuable because pupils can relate to you and feel able to question knowing that they will receive an honest answer."

"As Deputy Headteacher I value the input provided … and would offer my wholehearted support to any further development of this initiative."

"We trust and pray that this work will... grow for the good of all."

"We have always greatly valued your assemblies and your input to class R.E. It would be wonderful if we could extend this and I wholeheartedly wish you every success as it means we shall see even more of you!"

, news, what we do, quotes, history, funding