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Haverhill Schools Initiative
What we do and why we do it

At Haverhill Schools Initiative (HSI) we want to see young people fulfilling their potential. We were thrilled when recently we received a letter from the Deputy Head of a Haverhill upper school in which he wrote, 'You have made a discernible impact on many young lives.'

We seek to offer a Christian perspective to the middle and upper schools of Haverhill and Clare and by so doing encourage the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of their pupils. We are formally involved in schools, leading assemblies and taking lessons. Whilst the bulk of the lessons we take are RE (Religious Education), we also participate in PSE (Personal and Social Education). Informally, we run lunch time clubs looking at life issues from a Christian point of view. Our desire is to play as full a part in the school community as possible. This has led to us hosting talent contests, presenting certificates and contributing to "World of Work" conferences amongst other things.

Our work in schools has given birth to an evening youth group. Named "Staying Alive" by its members, we aim to provide a safe and relaxed environment where young people can have fun and consider the relevance of Christianity to modern life.

, news, what we do, quotes, history, funding