So WHO are the people in Clare Baptist Church ?
Clare Baptist Church Our Fellowship is a body of people united by our commitment to serving Jesus and making him known.

We are about a hundred people coming from all different denominations and experiences. As well as the usual church activities, we run lively and thriving youth clubs on a Friday night for ages 5-14.

A warm welcome awaits you when you visit us!
Sounds interesting ... so what can you tell me about your minister then ?
Well, ... we are currently we are seeking a minister.  

Who are the other main people ?
  We have a Church Secretary which is a post currently held by Mr Howard Marshall
Howard was elected to the position of Church Secretary in 2002. He can be contacted on
+44 (0)1787 278209.
We also have a Tresurer - Mr Mike Cumber Whoopee !!
Mike has held the role of Tresurer for longer than living memory - even his own.
Mike's phone number is
+44 (0)1787 277008.
Other seats of honour belong to those listed below..
Friday Club Vivien Sargeant +44 (0)1787 278554
Youth Club John Sargeant +44 (0)1787 278554
Women's Meeting Lucy Stannard +44 (0)1787 278209
Men's Group Bob Walker & Steven Freestone  
Pastoral Care Rita Bateman +44 (0)1787 277567
Hall Bookings Janet Sibley +44 (0)1787 277885
Magazine Editor Dot Walker  
Mum's and Toddlers Julie Culpin  
Tuesday Tea Stop Ron & Gillian Johnson +44 (0)1799 5865502
For an alternative view of our office bearers, click here if you dare...