So WHO are the people in Clare Baptist Church ?
Clare Baptist Church Our Fellowship is a body of people united by our commitment to serving Jesus and making him known.

We are about a hundred people coming from all different denominations and experiences. As well as the usual church activities, we run lively and thriving youth clubs on a Friday night for ages 5-14.

A warm welcome awaits you when you visit us!
Sounds interesting ... so what can you tell me about your minister then ?
Our minister is Rev Paul Greenin BD Who's a pretty boy then !!
Paul has been minister at Clare Baptist Church for over three years. He is married to Ruth and they have delightful twin daughters, Katie and Jemma.
You can e-mail Paul by clicking here
Who are the other main people ?
Who's a pretty girl then !! We have a Church Secretary which is a post currently held by Mr Howard Marshall
Howard was elected to the position of Church Secretary in 2002. He can be contacted on
+44 (0)1787 278209.
We also have a Tresurer - Mr Mike Cumber Whoopee !!
Mike has held the role of Tresurer for longer than living memory - even his own.